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2020 Ever-Power (Wind Power) Supplier Conference was grandly held

Release Date: 2020-12-01


Recently, Ever-Power held the 2020 Wind Power Business Supplier Conference to discuss the future cooperation direction with nearly 200 domestic supplier representatives, look forward to business upgrades and more cooperation opportunities, and thank the suppliers for their support in 2020!

The meeting started with an opening speech by Mr. Hu Yueming, executive director of China High Speed ​​Transmission Equipment Group Co., Ltd.Hu Dong expressed his gratitude to the suppliers for their efforts and contributions in the development of Ever-Power.He believes that under the influence of the new crown epidemic in 2020, Ever-Power can always maintain business growth and cannot do without the support of the overall supply chain.Hu Dong pointed out that the future wind power challenges and opportunities coexist, and the entire supply chain should go all out to maintain competitiveness, mutual achievement, and win-win market.

Mr. Hu Jichun, President of Ever-Power, shared the current situation and trend of the wind power market and the dynamics of the wind power host market in the keynote report.He pointed out that under the form of "China promises to the outside world that its carbon dioxide emissions will reach the peak by 2030 and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060", the overall market is improving.However, the wind power supply chain faces severe challenges due to parity on the grid.He proposed in-depth cooperation with suppliers, joint research and development, using lean and technology to promote cost optimization, and the competitiveness in the wind power supply chain is the driving force for sustainable development.

Mr. Zhou Zhijin, Vice President and Senior Director of Strategic Purchasing Department of Ever-Power, Mr. Liu Zhen, Deputy General Manager of Quality Development of Ever-Power Wind Power Division, and Mr. Sun Yizhong, Director of Product Development and Technology of Wind Power Division, respectively discuss Ever-Power’s supply chain development management , Quality development, new wind power products and new technologies and other topics. While advocating the Ever-Power supply chain construction policy, it also proposed to Ever-Power wind power suppliers the quality requirements and cost optimization in the era of parity. Cooperation invitation.

This year's Ever-Power Wind Power Supplier Conference also invited two representative representatives of suppliers in the industry to speak. They expressed their gratitude to Ever-Power for its support, recognition and trust.In the meeting, I shared the history of cooperation with Ever-Power, explaining that working with industry leaders like Ever-Power has not only brought the company's stable business revenue, but also brought about the improvement of company management, thus becoming a wind power Increasingly influential companies in the industry.

The meeting ended successfully after Mr. Gu Xiaobin, Executive Director of Ever-Power/President of Wind Power Division, expressed his gratitude to the suppliers.

Ever-Power expects all suppliers, manufacturers and service providers to make concerted efforts to deepen technological cooperation through complementary resources and capabilities, promote the sustainable development and upgrading of the enterprise and the entire industry, and enhance the overall competitiveness in the wind power industry. Achieve win-win cooperation on the chain.

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