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Relying on innovation and zero-defect quality concepts, Ever-Power continues to increase R&D investment to provide the global market with a full range of wind power transmission products covering 1.5 MW-11.X MW. At the same time, it is equipped with a complete service network. The products can adapt to low temperatures, low wind speeds, and high wind speeds. Various working conditions such as altitude and sea.To date, Ever-Power has provided customers with 80,000 high-quality wind power main gearboxes and 460,000 yaw pitch gearboxes in stable operation in more than 30 countries around the world.

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Ever-Power currently provides various types of wind power gearboxes and yaw and pitch products with power ranging from 1.5 MW to 11.X MW. The products have passed DNV-GL, DEWIOCC, TUV-NORD, CCS, CGC, ETL, UL, CE and other certifications, the products have reached the international advanced level, realizing mass production and supplying to first-class users at home and abroad, gearbox speed ratios can be re-proportioned according to user requirements, and offshore wind turbines, high prototypes, high temperature models, etc. can also be made according to user requirements Type for gearbox design.

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Main gearbox

Yaw pitch gearbox

Main gearbox

The product can adapt to various working conditions such as low temperature, low wind speed, high altitude, and offshore, and the power covers 1.5 MW to 11.X MW.

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Yaw pitch gearbox

The product can adapt to various working conditions such as low temperature, low wind speed, high altitude, and offshore. The torque of the yaw gearbox covers 10 to 80KNm, and the torque of the pitch gearbox covers 3 to 12KNm.

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NGC StanGear wind power gearbox standardized and modular platform products
With the development of the wind energy industry, the market has put forward higher requirements on the quality, cost, delivery time, and reliability of wind power gearboxes. Ever-Power has focused on the development of wind power gearboxes for more than 10 years. On the basis of accumulated rich industry experience, combined with standardization, modularization and reliability technology, Ever-Power has developed the NGC StanGear main gearbox and yaw pitch gearbox series product platform .The platform products have the characteristics of short development cycle, low life cycle cost, high reliability, and high maintainability.
NGC WinGear's new generation series of wind power gearbox platform products
With the advent of the era of wind power level pricing, large-scale and lightweight units are the main trends in the development of wind power technology in the future. Ever-Power has successfully developed a new generation of series of wind power gearbox platform products-NGC WinGearTM.This platform product has the characteristics of high load-bearing capacity, high torque density, and high reliability to meet the development needs of large-scale and light-weight wind turbines. At the same time, its high load-bearing capability provides customers with flexible and effective solutions for wind turbine upgrades, load expansion, and life extension. Program.
CMG series of customized products
Ever-Power provides standardized selection while still maintaining the original customized design and applying advanced reliability technology to ensure that users' products maintain excellent performance from beginning to end and meet the diverse requirements of customers.
Informationized wind power gearbox
Ever-Power deeply integrates mechanical and digital technologies, introduces condition monitoring, cloud computing, big data analysis, Internet technology, and mobile terminal technology to create an informatized gearbox system, so that the gearbox can self-perceive its own state, and the gearbox Information management throughout the life cycle.Through cloud computing and big data analysis technology, combined with Ever-Power's professional fault diagnosis and failure analysis expert team, the operating status of the gearbox can be evaluated in real time, and remote diagnosis and early warning can be carried out at the initial stage of the gearbox failure to avoid deterioration of the failure. Reduce the loss of power generation due to gearbox repairs.Take active maintenance and repair strategies to improve the efficiency of wind power generation and improve the overall economic benefits of wind power generation.
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