Delivering the power of progress for human civilization

Wind power gearbox and power transmission system solution expert

company culture

Our Mission

Delivering the power of progress for human civilization

corporate vision

A leader in the global transmission field

Quality policy

Quality first, customer first

Quality service, honesty

operating strategy

Coordination, pragmatism, pioneering and innovation


"NGC" means

Technology, quality, service, friends

Enterprise spirit

Strive for perfection step by step

Core idea

Tooth-to-tooth transmission, heart-to-heart communication

quality promise

Honesty and quality assurance

Quality service, customer satisfaction

Business ethics

Responsible to users and society

Is responsible for oneself

Corporate style

Responsibility in place, do it right once

Psychological expectations and beliefs

China Transmission will definitely become

A world-class company,

"NGC" will become a world famous brand

Code of Conduct

Love, dedication, diligence, harmony

Way of thinking

Company is my home

"I am honored when a family rejuvenates, and I am ashamed of a family failure"

Corporate Color

Blue, symbolizing harmonious development

Staff style

"Comfortable Summer" Ever-Power faces difficulties...

Nanjing is one of the famous stove cities in our country. The summer is very hot and mosquitoes breed. It is especially easy to cause the spread of various diseases...

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Pioneering and innovating, building dreams and cohesive cohesion...

In order to enrich the spare-time cultural life of employees, enhance their physical fitness, train employees to be united, enterprising, brave, and positive...

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