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Wind power gearbox and power transmission system solution expert


Ever-Power has many years of experience in R&D and production, has undertaken a number of major national scientific and technological projects, and has accumulated rich experience in advanced manufacturing and R&D.The company has extensively established long-term technical cooperation relationships with many domestic and foreign universities, design institutes, and well-known companies.

First-class equipment is comparable to the international
Equipped with world-class testing equipment and testing instruments, a large number of advanced cold and hot processing equipment has been introduced from Germany, Italy, the United States, Austria, Switzerland and other countries. These equipment cover all the key manufacturing processes of high-precision gearbox products and the advanced equipment And completeness has reached the advanced level in the world today.


Pay attention to independent intellectual property rights
The group actively participates in the formulation and revision of national and industry standards; it has formed "main drive gearboxes for wind turbines", "universal gearboxes", "locomotive transmissions", "rolling mill series gearboxes", and "vertical mill reducers". And many new leading products such as "central drive mill reducer".
Mechanism drives scientific research and innovation
The company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation achievements, and promotes innovation capabilities to a new level through a sound innovation incentive mechanism, laying a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development.
Improve technical level and master core technology
Strengthen basic theoretical research, improve analytical techniques, and improve the technical level of transmission products; master core technologies such as heat treatment control of key components and finite element analysis.
Keep products active at the forefront of the industry
According to the latest industry standards, accelerate product upgrades, improve product performance, and improve product quality.At the same time, we continue to introduce new products and develop new service areas.
Optimize product design and manufacturing process
Optimize key process manufacturing technology, improve product quality and production efficiency, and reduce production costs through optimizing design and optimizing processes.
Recruit talents and cultivate a first-class team
Ever-Power has introduced all kinds of technical experts and quality experts suitable for the company's needs from all over the world, and trained all kinds of professional manufacturing technicians to form a group of first-class technical talents.