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Quality Control

The company has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of "Quality First, Customer First, Quality Service, and Honesty First".
Identify customer needs in market development, reflect customer needs in product design, ensure customer needs in the manufacturing process, and meet customer needs in high-quality service.

Fully promote, continuous improvement

The company continues to promote various quality control measures and plans: comprehensively promote 5S management, use SPC to strictly monitor the process, adopt 8D and 6 sigma for continuous improvement, continuously consolidate the foundation of quality management, and improve product quality.

Refine the process control process

The company has the world's most advanced machining, heat treatment, experiment and inspection measuring equipment, and complete inspection methods.At the same time, through refined process quality control and a strong quality assurance system, the supplier site, production process, and product storage are monitored throughout the entire process, and focus on strengthening the monitoring and measurement of key quality factors and processes such as raw materials, heat treatment, and grinding Integrate hardware facilities and software conditions to ensure the output of products that satisfy customers.