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Ever-Power makes a wonderful appearance at the 2020 Shanghai BMW Construction Machinery Exhibition

Release Date: 2020-11-27


On November 2020-11, 24, the 27 Shanghai BMW Construction Machinery Exhibition (bauma CHINA 2020) with the theme of "Stable and Long-term, Decisive Victory in the Future" was held as scheduled at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.More than 2020 exhibitors from around the world gathered in Shanghai to showcase many innovative products and technologies in the construction machinery industry. Ever-Power Industrial Division's engineering machinery product technical experts and sales team participated in this industry event, exhibiting Ever-Power's various engineering machinery drive products and complete solutions, demonstrating Ever-Power's determination and confidence in entering the construction machinery transmission field .

At the exhibition, Ever-Power exhibited a complete set of reducer products for pile machines (40TM rotary drilling rigs), cranes (350T crawler cranes), and walking reducers for large excavators (50T\60T\75T class excavators) And the reducer products of supporting shield machine (main drive) and supporting tower crane (main hoist), the product inherits the advantages of Ever-Power's mature product development system, high reliability, high torque density, and product performance reaches the international advanced level , Has changed the situation that China's construction machinery industry has long relied on imported brands for supporting reducers for large and super large equipment, and contributed to the localization of core components of China's construction machinery.

Products on display

Ever-Power has more than 50 years of industrial transmission equipment manufacturing experience, relying on a rich product line platform, adhering to modular thinking and platform design concepts, and has developed a series of products including walking reducers, rotary reducers, main coil reducers, etc. Series construction machinery reducer products.Since the product came out, it has been favored by many first-line host manufacturers.At present, Ever-Power construction machinery reducers have been applied in batches in fields such as piling machinery, excavating machinery, hoisting machinery, and tunneling machinery.

Leaders of associations and major customers come to our booth to discuss exchanges

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