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Focus on smart drive to promote high-quality development-Ever-Power appears at the "Seventh China (Beijing) International Mining Exhibition"

Release Date: 2021-06-01


On May 2021, 5, Ever-Power will be reinstalled at the "Seventh China (Beijing) International Mining Exhibition" (CIME).Approximately 27 domestic and foreign exhibitors participated in this exhibition, exhibiting new products and new technologies involving the entire mining industry chain, including mining exploration, mine production, tailings treatment, smart mines and the integration of industrialization and industrialization.

Ever-Power participated in this grand event with many heavyweight products, focusing on the display of driving solutions for various mining equipment such as mining, beneficiation, smelting, etc., attracting a large number of professional audiences to stop and watch, and promote more mining industry customers to know and understand in depth With Ever-Power, I was deeply impressed by Ever-Power’s exquisite product technology and outstanding product quality.

Smart mining solution

After the national "XNUMXth Five-Year Plan" was promulgated, mining equipment has developed towards large-scale, high-efficiency, and intelligent development, and the comprehensive construction of smart mines has become a new trend in the mining industry. Ever-Power has developed a series of reducers to match the application characteristics of different mining equipment to better adapt to the requirements of the harsh working conditions on site and other use environments.

1. Walking reducer

Ever-Power walking reducer for construction machinery adopts a combination of modular design and special design. It has compact structure and strong carrying capacity. It is suitable for large excavators, rock drills and other construction machinery in the mining industry, whether it is underground mining, Open-pit mining has broad application space.

2. MHB standard gearbox

MHB series standard industrial gearboxes have advanced design, strict manufacturing standards and high reliability. They are especially suitable for the working requirements of high-power and long-distance conveyor belt conveyors in the mining process section (the maximum single-machine application power has reached 2000kW).After years of use and verification, the product performs well.At the same time, this series of products can be reliably applied to various types of mineral processing equipment such as rotary kilns, diaphragm pumps, and slurry pumps.

Efficient beneficiation solution

Ever-Power has accumulated nearly 30 years of experience in the application of grinding equipment. It has developed MPG and MPT series products for high-pressure roller mills and tower mills in the mining industry, especially in improving mechanical efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction. The special design is more suitable for the development needs of large-scale and high-efficiency grinding equipment.

1. MPG roller press gear box

Ever-Power’s self-developed MPG roller press gearbox is the result of the joint development and cooperation of Ever-Power’s Chinese and German R&D teams. Since being put into the market in 2016, it has quickly been widely recognized by users and demonstrated strong market competitiveness. .The maximum applied power of this product has reached 3300kW.

2. MPT(TM) Tower Mill Gear Box

MPT(TM) series tower mill gearboxes are the "face value responsibility" of Ever-Power this time, attracting a large number of professional visitors to watch and consult.This series of products has been specially designed for the special application conditions of mining tower mills. It has the characteristics of high reliability, stable operation, and convenient installation and maintenance. It provides a strong guarantee for the efficient and stable operation of mining enterprises' grinding equipment.

3. MHS mixing gearbox

Various types of mixing equipment such as desilication tanks, decomposition tanks, and mixing tanks are widely used in the beneficiation process, with complex load conditions and harsh environmental conditions.The reliability requirements of the mixing gearbox are extremely high. The Ever-Power MHS series mixing gearboxes can meet various mixing application scenarios and are equipped with a variety of accessories. The special sealing structure has reliable performance and no leakage. The product runs with low vibration, low noise and heat. The quantity is small, the service life is long, the efficiency value is equivalent to that of imported similar products, and the energy-saving performance is very excellent, which has been highly recognized by users.

Smart products and services

The Gear-Sight smart products and platform services launched by Ever-Power include monitoring systems, cloud platforms, diagnostic expert libraries, and predictive maintenance services.The product is based on multi-dimensional monitoring technology and Internet of Things technology as the carrier, which can realize remote accurate fault diagnosis and accurate remaining life assessment of transmission equipment, and can tailor and implement more suitable maintenance and repair plans for customers to achieve prediction Sexual product maintenance.

In recent years, the demand for intelligent, large-scale, and complete sets of equipment in mining production has continued to increase, and mining equipment companies have ushered in new development opportunities.For a long time, the driving devices of mining equipment have been monopolized by imported brands. Ever-Power's strong entry has made it possible for all types of mining equipment to have a "Chinese heart". Ever-Power will make full use of its rich experience in manufacturing and industry applications, devote itself to technological innovation and high-end manufacturing, and provide powerful assistance for customers in the mining industry to achieve digital transformation and high-quality development.

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