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Ever-Power wins an order for gearboxes from Perth Metro, Australia

Release Date: 2021-03-12


Recently, Ever-Power’s rail transit business has received good news. The company is happyWon an order for 656 metro gearboxes from Perth Metro, Australia, The gearbox is a PDM460 two-stage subway gearbox.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia in Australia and the fourth largest city in Australia. It is located in the Mediterranean climate area on the west coast of the Australian continent. The mild climate and the unique scenery along the Swan River make Perth a world-renowned tourist destination. .

The PDM460 gearbox is a metro gearbox developed and upgraded by Ever-Power in strict accordance with customer specifications and combined with Ever-Power's years of mature design experience.The gearbox product has strong carrying capacity, high reliability, and its noise and comprehensive performance have reached the international advanced level.

Suitable for variable load and high vibration conditions

PDM460 metro gearbox adoptedUnique gear modification technology, Suitable for variable load and high vibration conditions, greatly improving the transmission performance of the gear and significantly reducing noise, ensuring the continuous and stable operation of the gearbox.

Meet stringent limit requirements

PDM460 metro gearbox adoptedCompact structure design, To meet the strict limit requirements of customers, but also to meet the strength requirements of the project under high-torque conditions, and the product reliability is high.

Can operate normally at -25℃~50℃ ambient temperature

PDM460 metro gearbox adoptedInnovative lubricant circuit design, So that the product has a good heat dissipation capacity.Under different operating conditions, the bearings and gears can be fully lubricated. Combined with the local climate conditions, the gearbox has the ability to operate normally at an ambient temperature of -25°C to 50°C.

More than 40,000 NGC metro gearboxes are operating stably around the world

Adhering to the "zero defect concept and process", Ever-Power is committed to providing global customers with safe, reliable and quiet gear transmission products, and provides a full range of rail transit gear transmission solutions. The products have obtained ISO/TS 22163:2017 (International Railway Industry Standard) certification.

With optimized gearbox design technology, superior sealing technology and effective control of the production process, Ever-Power rail vehicle gearboxes are more environmentally friendly.At present, the products have been widely involved in subways, trams, intercity, high-speed rail vehicles and locomotives, and more than 40,000 NGC subway gearboxes have been operating stably around the world, and the products have been well received by users. (Tang Kai)

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