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Ever-Power assists grid connection of new ultra-supercritical secondary reheat coal-fired generating units

Release Date: 2020-12-25


Recently, the national demonstration project "Sheneng Anhui Pingshan Power Plant Phase 1350 High and Low Level XNUMXMW Units" was successfully connected to the grid at one time.The project adopts high-low-position dual-shaft secondary reheat power generation technology and is a new type of ultra-supercritical secondary reheat coal-fired power generation unit.

Ever-Power is recognized and favored by users with its advanced product design concepts, superb manufacturing technology and extensive and mature application cases in the coal power industry.All gearboxes for coal mills of this project are provided by Ever-Power. The products meet the design requirements in terms of vibration, stability and other indicators, and run well, highlighting Ever-Power’s continuous accumulation of technical advantages in the field of coal power transmission. Good momentum of continuous innovation and development.

Advanced products and technology

As the key core equipment of the coal mill, the reliability of the gearbox is extremely important to ensure the stable operation of the unit.The coal mill gearbox of this project is developed based on the Ever-Power industrial gearbox technology platform. It adopts a modular design concept and makes full use of advanced technologies such as multi-objective gear modification, structural topology optimization, and lubrication system simulation to provide customers with a fast and reliable tradition. System solutions.

Ever-Power's unique system dynamics simulation analysis and high-vibration ductile cast iron cabinet make this product have excellent dynamic response characteristics and ensure stable and reliable operation under vibration and shock conditions.Standardized spare parts storage makes gearboxes faster in the aftermarket service, operation and maintenance, and reserve and replacement of wearing parts, thereby further improving the efficiency and quality of market services, which will greatly enhance the user experience.

"Net" is endless

Efficient, clean, low-carbon, and the use of advanced technology and equipment is the inevitable choice for the coal power industry to achieve high-quality development. Ever-Power will continue to meet or exceed customer needs as the goal, deepen the field of gear transmission, and provide more complete equipment solutions and comprehensive services for the majority of coal power customers.

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