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Decisive Battle 2020, Looking Forward to the New Era-"Green Drives the Future" Ever-Power 2020 (Wind Power) Customer Day is grandly held

Release Date: 2020-11-05


2020 is the final year of the "10th Five-Year Plan" and a very special year in the history of wind power development.When the “installation rush” encounters the new crown epidemic, when the “parity era” is getting closer and closer, on October 30, the “Green Drives the Future” 2020 Ever-Power (Wind Power) Customer Day was held in Nanjing, the ancient capital.The organizer Ever-Power, wind power manufacturers, wind power developers and industry experts gathered together more than 100 people to discuss the future development trend of wind power.

Hu Jichun, President of Ever-Power, delivered a speech at the meeting. He said that this year is an important milestone in the development of global wind power, and the Chinese market is about to enter the "2019th Five-Year Plan" wind power "post-subsidy era".With the emergence of the wind power industry, Ever-Power seizes development opportunities, and its output continues to hit new highs. Up to now, the number of wind power main gearboxes installed has exceeded the annual output of 80000, and the global cumulative installed capacity has reached XNUMX. Steadily rising and advancing.He pointed out that the wind power industry in the new era will unswervingly follow the path of high-quality, innovation-driven and large-scale development. Ever-Power is willing to work with all wind power colleagues to strengthen confidence and create a beautiful new era for the wind power industry.

2020 "Snatch Installation" is coming to an end

In the face of the “rush to install” in 2020 and the impact of the new crown epidemic, relevant companies in the entire wind power industry chain have been extremely busy after the full resumption of work and production. The mainframe manufacturers that have cooperated with Ever-Power for many years have guaranteed Ever-Power’s efforts. Confession affirmed.
Chu Jingchun, Chairman of Guodian United Power Technology Co., Ltd. pointed out that the 1.2-year development history of United Power is not only a process of pursuing progress, but also a process of moving forward hand in hand with supply chain partners such as Ever-Power. Ever-Power has so far delivered about XNUMX high-quality gearboxes for United Power. Especially in response to this year’s industry "rush to install" tide, Ever-Power's strong support has further strengthened the strategic mutual trust between the two parties.

Lu Wei, the person in charge of the intelligent fan product line of Envision Energy Co., Ltd., said that the "snap-up" tide before subsidies in 2020 has been disrupted by a sudden epidemic, and various challenges have emerged one after another. Ever-Power and Vision have gone hand in hand for 2008 years from the acquaintance of the rivers and lakes in 12 to the present day through storms.Just in October of this year, as important strategic partners of each other, the two parties jointly witnessed the delivery of the 10th gearbox since the cooperation.

Chen Qi, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Yunda Wind Power Co., Ltd., believes that Ever-Power will help customers solve delivery problems with rapid response and delivery capabilities under the dual impact of the global new crown epidemic this year and the “wind power rush”. It has played a vital role in the stability and development of the market supply chain.In the 18 years of cooperation between Yunda and Ever-Power, Yunda has used nearly 6000 Ever-Power gearboxes, which provides strong support for the efficient and reliable operation of Yunda units and ensures that Yunda’s products win well. The reputation of the market has become a close community of destiny.

Gu Xiaobin, Executive Director of Ever-Power and President of the Wind Power Division, expressed his gratitude to the host manufacturers for their affirmation.He said that the production situation of Ever-Power throughout the year was very severe due to the impact of "rush to install", the epidemic and production capacity.In the remaining 2 months, Ever-Power will go all out and never give up.The production departments are working overtime, and the output is constantly hitting new highs, striving to put a perfect end to the "rush to install" New Year.

Rapid breakthrough and development in the era of parity

According to Gu Xiaobin, executive director of Ever-Power and president of the wind power business unit, Ever-Power's shipment volume has grown from an annual output of about 2017GW to about 13GW this year, and its output has continued to grow.The average MW of the product has risen from 26MW to about 2.0MW, and is moving towards a larger MW. Ever-Power's new overseas installed capacity has increased compared to last year, and it has maintained a good cooperative relationship with the three major overseas customers. The overseas market is steadily advancing and growing.

How to achieve rapid breakthroughs and development in the era of parity, Gu Xiaobin believes that Ever-Power will start from four aspects: improving quality assurance, improving technology and management level, optimizing production layout, and expanding production capacity.Especially product quality, he emphasized, “This is not only an important factor for Ever-Power to win the market and customers in the past, but also the first factor for Ever-Power to win future development.”

He pointed out that in the era of parity, there is still room for improvement among owners, OEMs, and parts suppliers.For the core component-gearbox, it is very necessary to pursue technological progress and achieve lightweight, high transmission ratio and high torque density. Ever-Power will continue to strengthen the preliminary technical communication with customers, promote platform-based and even standardized products, strengthen its own cost control capabilities, and make efforts to promote the industry to reduce costs. "The design and manufacture of Ever-Power's next-generation main gearbox concept machine will be completed next year."

Gu Xiaobin also said that in the next 2-5 years, Ever-Power will pay close attention to the development and competitive situation of the domestic and international wind power markets. Currently, it is planning to invest 40 billion yuan and add 18 square meters of factory buildings.This program will enable Ever-Power to reach the end of the "50th Five-Year Plan" period, with an annual planned production capacity of more than XNUMXGW.

In addition, Ji Qin, market analysis manager of Ever-Power Wind Power Division, gave a keynote speech on "Global Wind Power Development Prospects in the New Era". Liu Zhen, deputy general manager of quality development of Power's wind power division, also shared the rapid breakthrough of high-power models at parity from the three dimensions of Ever-Power's R&D, manufacturing, and quality.

Wind power "XNUMXth Five-Year Plan" can be expected in the future

On September 9, President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the general debate of the 22th United Nations General Assembly and pointed out that China will increase its nationally determined contribution, adopt more powerful policies and measures, and strive to reach its peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. , And strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. At the Beijing Wind Energy Exhibition on October 10, the wind power industry released the "Beijing Declaration on Wind Energy", actively responding to the implementation of the "14·30" goal, leading green development, and becoming a collective "voice" for the wind power industry.

In his concluding speech, Xie Changjun, vice chairman of the China Electric Power Development Promotion Association, affirmed Ever-Power’s contribution to the wind power industry. He believed that Ever-Power is a pioneer in China’s wind power development, a promoter of China’s wind power localization, and a realization of China’s wind power High-quality practitioners.

Regarding the future development of the wind power industry, he said, “President Xi’s promise at the United Nations General Assembly is a booster and an order, and it is the second spring of China’s renewable energy.” He believes that China’s wind power has caught up in a good time. At present, the enthusiasm for the development of wind power from the central to the local level is very high, and the entire country's wind power industry chain is basically mature.

However, opportunities are also faced with challenges. The advent of the era of parity will put pressure on the supply chain to reduce costs.He suggested that in the era of parity, prices should not be cut blindly, and that the level of lean management should be improved on the basis of ensuring service and quality, which can reduce non-technical costs.In studying the construction of wind farms, we must coordinate with the environment, and protect the environment while developing clean energy.

For the "5000th Five-Year Plan", Xie Changjun gave his own outlook.He believes that 2 million kilowatts per year and 2023 million kilowatts of installed capacity during the "1th Five-Year Plan" period are conditionally achievable, and the goal of "achieving two cents in XNUMX" proposed by Envision Energy is also promising.The development of onshore wind power will be based on the construction of large bases and decentralized development in parallel, and offshore wind power and wind power operation and maintenance will become the focus of the future development of the industry.


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