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China supplier High Precision and Small Backlash 180mm Rvb Series Planetary Gearbox for Servo Motor/Stepping Motor with Hot selling

Item Description

Distinctive Advantages of Our Merchandise:

one.Routine maintenance-Free,Life time Lubrication.

two.A variety of Output Shaft Designs.

three.Specific Engagement.

four.Large Torque:High Torque Output Than That of Standard Planetary Equipment educers.

five.Reduced Noise:Under 58db.

six. Reduced Backlash:Backlash is under 3 arcmin . Backlash for 2-phase velocity reduction is inside of 5 arcmin.

seven.Substantial Effectiveness:1-stage up to 97% or far more,2-phase up to ninety four% or much more.
Interior Construction:

one.Equipment Resources    2.Industrial Robots    3.Printing Devices    4.Textile Machines  

 5.Packing Devices    6.Non-common Automation    7.Health-related Equipment  

 8.Measuring Products     9.Automotive Market    10.Satellite Interaction  

 11.Steel Processing    12.Pharmaceutical Business

Model Indicator:


Overall performance Data:

Modle Stage Ratio RVB
forty two
Rated Output Torque Nm


3 19 35 80 225 470
four 20 50 a hundred twenty five 330 seven hundred
five twenty fifty a hundred twenty five 330 seven-hundred
seven 19 fifty 125 330 seven-hundred
ten 14 35 eighty 225 470


12 19 35 eighty 225 470
16 20 fifty 125 330 seven-hundred
twenty 20 fifty a hundred twenty five 330 seven-hundred
twenty five twenty fifty one hundred twenty five 330 seven hundred
28 19 fifty one hundred twenty five 330 seven hundred
30 19 35 80 225 470
35 twenty 50 one hundred twenty five 330 seven hundred
forty twenty fifty 125 330 seven-hundred
fifty 20 50 125 330 seven hundred
70 19 fifty 125 330 seven hundred
a hundred 14 35 80 225 470
Output Torque


three 38 eighty two hundred 500 1000
four forty 100 250 625 1250
5 40 100 250 625 1250
7 38 one hundred 250 625 1250
ten 28 80 two hundred five hundred a thousand


12 38 eighty two hundred 500 a thousand
16 forty a hundred 250 625 1250
twenty 40 a hundred 250 625 1250
twenty five forty one hundred 250 625 1250
28 38 100 250 625 1250
thirty 38 eighty two hundred five hundred 1000
35 40 a hundred 250 625 1250
40 40 one hundred 250 625 1250
50 forty a hundred 250 625 1250
70 38 100 250 625 1250
100 28 eighty two hundred five hundred one thousand
Rated Enter Pace rpm 1,two 3~a hundred 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
Input Speed
rpm 1,two three~a hundred 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000
Permitted Radial Load*five


one,2 three~a hundred seven-hundred 1200 2400 4300 9100
Permitted Axial Load N 1,2 three~one hundred 610 1100 2200 3900 8200
Backlash arcmin one 3~10 ≤3
two 12~a hundred ≤5
Performance η% 1 3~ten 97%
2 twelve~100 94%
Noise Amount dB one 3~ten ≤58 ≤62 ≤65
2 twelve~a hundred ≤60 ≤62
Running Temp ºC one,two three~one hundred -15~90
Support Lifestyle h 1,two 3~one hundred 20000
Bodyweight Kg 1 three~10 .seven 1.8 four.8 ten.4
two 12~100 .nine 2. 5.six eleven.3 21.1
Minute of Inertia(≤ø8) Kg
1,2 three~one hundred .03 .063 .32 1.eleven 4.14
Instant of Inertia(≤ø14) Kg
1 three .fourteen .22 one.two 503 20
4 .095 .seventeen .95 four.1 15
5 .077 .sixteen .86 three.six fourteen
seven .062 .14 .seventy nine 3.two twelve
ten .056 .14 .seventy five three. eleven
2 twelve .055 .14 .seventy two 2.8 eleven
sixteen .055 .14 .seventy four 2.9 11
twenty .057 .thirteen .seventy two two.8 eleven
25 .054 .13 .seventy one two.eight eleven
28 .053 .14 .seventy three 2.8 11
30 .055 .13 .70 ten
35 .053 .thirteen .seventy one two.7 11
40 .049 .13 .70 ten
fifty .049 .thirteen .sixty nine 2.7 10
70 .049 .13 .69 10
a hundred .049 .13 .69 two.7 ten

Rated output torque:With nominal input speed,service existence is 20000 hrs.
Max.output torque:The maximum torque when commencing and stopping.
Rated output velocity:The maximum momentary input pace.
Max.enter velocity:The highest momentary input speed.
Permitted radial load:
    With this load and norminal enter speed support lifestyle will be 20000 several hours.
    (Utilized to the output shaft heart,at axial load )
Permitted axial load:
    With this load and norminalinput pace aervice existence will be 20000 hrs.
    (Applied to the output side bearing,at radial load )
Bodyweight:The bodyweight may differ somewhat product to product.



Company Profile:
        HangZhou CZPT Engineering is a firm specializing in the analysis, advancement, generation and revenue of industrial automation handle merchandise. Primarily based on industrial automation management technology with impartial intellectual residence legal rights, our firm offers customers with quickly and personalised remedies and grows jointly with consumers.
       For many years, Dick Cisco has been devoted to the research and manufacture of large-performance, high-efficiency , high-precision sequence reducers and miniaturized, smart and precise series motors , and our organization has introduced various substantial-performance and large-performance reducers and Standard-objective and unique-objective motors , jointly foremost the transformation and advancement of business products.
      Our primary goods are: precision planetary reducers, stepper motors, digital stepper drives, stepper servo programs and worm equipment / worm reducers, which are broadly utilised in automation control,  precision machining,  gang area technological innovation,  consumer products,  healthcare Machinery,  robots,  underwater amenities,  textiles,  semiconductor products,  packaging equipment,  dealing with equipment,  and manufacturing unit automation which  require places of specific positioning,  higher precision,  computerized aiming,  and automatic recording. 
      Dick Cisco will keep on to give the business with high-high quality, high-precision, reduced energy use,  miniaturized and intelligent transmission merchandise.

Q1:How to select modle?
      According to your requirements, our skilled revenue personnel will suggest the corresponding model and ratio for you.
Q2:What are your advantages?
     1.We are an built-in industry and trade firm, which can greater make sure manufacturing high quality, enough offer, value gain, and quick delivery time.
     2.Below the premise of making certain solution top quality, we have far more competitive rates.
     3.We supply entire skilled solutions,  foreign language proficient engineers will provide you with choice assist, set up support, and use help, from pre-sales to publish-sales, to make sure your encounter.
Q3:Are samples obtainable?
     Of course you can demand for samples to verify the high quality of our products. You only want to pay out freight and a minor expense to get this sample.


Gear reducers are also known as reducers. Mechanical add-ons, by either of these two names, are created to decrease the electricity transferred amongst the motor and the equipment amongst the rotational speeds (revolutions per moment). The reducer properly decreases the rotational velocity made by the motor, thereby managing the speed at which the device operates and rising the torque made by the motor. Multiplying the torque made by the motor will increase the machine’s accessible energy – a procedure recognized as “mechanical dominance”. In a greater context, gear reducers are fundamentally instruments utilised to improve the effectiveness of products operation.
Gearboxes go by several diverse names, such as equipment drives, pace reducers, gear reducers, velocity reducers, and equipment motors. All terms are utilised interchangeably when referring to inline equipment reducers. Our inventory includes a wide range of gear reducers for substantial velocity, higher precision apps with enter speeds up to 4000 RPM.

China supplier High Precision and Small Backlash 180mm Rvb Series Planetary Gearbox for Servo Motor/Stepping Motor     with Hot selling