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China supplier Gear Box for Wire Rod Block Mill with Good quality

Product Description


Speed growing gear box of 90m finishing mill
Composition of velocity growing gearbox
Spare areas of speed rising gearbox situation, assist foundation, big gear, transmission axis, bevel wheel and lubrication technique.
Technical qualities
1, technological parameter

Maximum speed output ratio 45/157=.2866
Lowest speed output ratio 60/157)x(55/sixty)=.3503
Motor energy 4500kW
Motor speed 1000/1300r/min
High-speed output shaft speed 4019r/min
Low-speed output ratio 3288r/min
Gear meshed velocity 77.2m/s
The backlash is much less than .36mm

2,Technical traits
Box is soften with thick steel with fantastic good quality to get to the depth that the circumstance essential. Scenario ought to get tension ageing treatment before the create to reach the steadiness that necessary.
Large gears and gear shaft utilised carbon alloy steel forging blank, after roughing, workpiece need to have to take ultrasonic flaw detection approach to quench. In order to guarantee the tooth floor with substantial hardness, tooth surface area require to get carburizing and quenching therapy right after semi-ending .Fantastic grind of tooth surface area to insure the substantial precision, after finishing the production of gear, the balance check is required, the expertise pace is 1500r/min and the equilibrium amount is G2.5.
Transmission shaft use the alloy steel forging blank, transmission shaft normally takes quenched to make certain the intensity and durableness. Right after the semi- finishing, transmission want to grind to assure the accuracy of each and every workpiece.
When the assemble completed, the no-loading test need to be maintain 2-4hours, the velocity is 1200r/min, the temperature of shaft must not CZPT 60ºC,the work of gear ought to be smooth, no hitting noise and concussion, every single joint surface should not have oil spill phenomenon.


These compact, lightweight, lower backlash inline gear reducers were initially created for encoder applications. They are also appropriate for several other generate systems. Encoder gear reducers have a very low instant of inertia at the shaft input and are rated for input speeds up to 3000 rpm. Two frame sizes are accessible with gear ratios from 4.96:1 to 3600:1. Our encoder gearbox sync pads are obtainable from stock.
The term “gearbox” is used to refer to any unit that connects a motor to a machine and is composed of a series of gears, also acknowledged as a gear established. It gets the primary enter velocity from the motor and alterations it to a diverse output speed using its gears. Various varieties and combinations of gears provide certain reasons. The varieties of gears located in gearboxes consist of spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, helical gears and worm gears. The functionality performance of a gearbox is represented by the gearbox ratio, which is the ratio of the velocity of the enter resource to the pace of the output source

China supplier Gear Box for Wire Rod Block Mill     with Good quality