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China supplier Agricultural Machinery Gearbox Agriculture Tractor Machinery Parts 90 Degree Angle Pto Gearbox Worm Gear Speed Reducer near me shop

Merchandise Description

Variety Substance AvailableAlloy steel, Casting, die casting,Aluminum,Brass, Zinc alloy,POM,plastic,Stainless steel, Iron or for every
your desire.Machining ProcessingForging/casting TurningBroachingTeeth hobbing Enamel burnishingTeeth slotingTeeth grinding
Heating remedy GrindingAssemblyTesting.Heat Treatmentcarbonitridingcarburizationnitridation vacuum quenchingfrequency
quenchingtemperingSurface TreatmentBlackeningOxidationelectrophoresisPowder coatingphosphorizationInspectionISO9001-2015
Certification one hundred% responsible for your orders.
one. Large energy of gear box, gears and shafts, strong and durable
two. 2 metric output shaft bore diameters(Common and Optional)
three. CZPT backstop to avert backdriving. Backstop is not recommended for the gear ratio 5
four. Double lips skeleton oil seal brings together the features of seal and dust-proof
five. Broadly utilised in belt conveyor and pulley push technique


Under is a record of our presently available industrial gearboxes. If you cannot uncover what you are hunting for, you should get in touch with the factory for more options. At EP, we are continuously creating new merchandise and retrofitting previous kinds to meet up with client needs.
Beneath is a list of our currently accessible industrial gearboxes. If you can not uncover what you are looking for, make sure you speak to the manufacturing unit for more choices. At EP, we are consistently developing new items and retrofitting previous kinds to satisfy customer needs.

China supplier Agricultural Machinery Gearbox Agriculture Tractor Machinery Parts 90 Degree Angle Pto Gearbox Worm Gear Speed Reducer     near me shop

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