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China Good quality CZPT Gft36t3 Planetary Gearbox near me shop

Merchandise Description

Rexroth GFT36T3 monitor travel gearbox
Company of planetary gearbox from China
China planetary gearbox company
China planetary gearbox manufacturing facility


one.Rexroth GFT substantial velocity reducer
two. Range from GFT 13T2 to GFT 330T3
3. Totally interchangeable with original.

Rexroth GFT of GFT13T2,GFT17T2,GFT17T3,GFT24T3,GFT36T3,GFT50T3,GFT60T3,GFT110T3,

GFT220T3,GFT330T3 substantial pace reducer

one. Selection from GFT 13T2 to GFT 330T3

two. Completely interchangeable with authentic

3. Planetary Gearboxes for Cell Gear

four. For travel drives in tracked and wheeled cars

5. Also suitable for other apps, e.g. rotary movement sequences,

drum drives, milling drum drives etc.

six. Higher speed cranked shell reducer

eight. Compact two-, three- or four-phase planetary gearboxes

nine. Cageless planetary equipment bearing

ten. Sturdy primary bearing

eleven. Optimized seals

twelve. Integr. multi-disc parking brake

thirteen. CZPT with wheel drives: mechanical disconnecting device

14. CZPT for mounting CZPT fastened or variable motors (A2FM/E, A6VM/E, A10VE)

15. Straightforward mounting

16. Effortless oil change

17. Lower-sounds operation

eighteen. Quite competitive value

19. 1 year of guarantee.

Introduction of planetary gearbox GFT series


HYDROTRAC GFT is an excellent driving component for wheel or track driving vehicles, and other transferring products and broadly utilized in excavator, spreading equipment, CZPT device, cellular crusher, engineering machinery, mining, tunnel equipment, agricultural equipment, etc. In the meantime, various motor connectors and proportions are available on request. It is an best alternative of CZPT merchandise.

Specific Characteristics: 
one. Compact two-, a few- or 4-stage planetary gearboxes
two. Cageless planetary gear bearing
3. Strong principal bearing
4. Optimized seals
5. Integr. multi-disc parking brake
six. CZPT for mounting CZPT set or variable motors (A2FM/E, A6VM/E, A10VM/E)
seven. Interchangeable with CZPT on functionality and dimension.
8. Much more than eighty% parts can be interchanged with individuals of CZPT (planet gear, Cageless planetary gear bearing, earth provider, ring equipment and so on).

Specialized parameters 

Type/Model GFT 7 T2 GFT 9 T2 GFT 13 T2 GFT 17 T2 GFT seventeen T3 GFT 24 T3
Output Torque T2
Nm 7000 9000 13000 17000 17000 24000
Ratio    I   30.9-62.6  38.3-forty seven.6  16.3-sixty.2  6.4-fifty four 78-102.6 ninety.1-137.two
Hydraulic Motor      A10VM45 A10VE45 A2FE56
Weight CZPT Motor (approx.)   kg 45 67 ninety two ninety a hundred and five 115
Kind/Version     GFT 26 T3 GFT 36 T3 GFT 50 T3 GFT sixty T2 GFT sixty T3 GFT eighty T2
Output Torque T2
Nm 26000 36000 50000 60000 60000 80000
Ratio   42.9-sixty two sixty seven-161 66.3-146.4 23 94.8-197 fifty five.5
Hydraulic Motor     A2FE90
A6VM220 A2VE125
Fat CZPT Motor (approx.)   kg a hundred and fifty five 170  220 205 260 570
Type/Version      GFT 80 T3 GFT 110 T3 GFT a hundred and sixty T3 GFT 220 T3 GFT 330 T3  
Output Torque, crane T2
Nm 8000 110000 160000 220000 330000  
Ratio     I seventy six.7-185.four 95.8-215 161.8-251 ninety seven.7-365 168.9-302.4  
Hydraulic Motor     A2FE180
Weight CZPT Motor (approx.)   kg 405 505 680 1370 1250  


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Planetary gearboxes are utilized in various events in which higher effectiveness and high reduction ratio are necessary in a small area. Showcasing high precision and high torque-to-quantity ratio, it is best for torque increase, deceleration, exact positioning and management of regenerative machinery. To guarantee that the chosen planetary gearbox is the best fit for your application, it is essential to take into account parameters such as torque, backlash and equipment ratios when selecting a planetary gearbox.
Gearboxes can be utilized in various fields of thorough processing, agriculture, chemical processing, oil and gas, electricity transmission and distribution techniques, logistics, warehousing and other industries. Gear reducers are typically used exactly where increased torque and/or lower rotational speeds are necessary, or if electricity needs to be transmitted at alternating angles, such as in right-angle motors. It can also alter the route of rotation, as well as clockwise and counterclockwise. EP provides a total range of equipment reducers with appropriate angle worms and high effectiveness alternatives. Electric Equipment Aluminum products are a lightweight and resilient different to today’s cast iron and metal models and can be stocked or personalized made to your precise specifications. EP gearboxes are lightweight and resilient, aluminum worm gearboxes are developed for restricted areas, including tough-to-put in OEM patterns as nicely as cellular gear. Eccentric reducers are available as compact aluminum or cast iron inline reducers with seal daily life ratings from 15HP (aluminum) to 40HP (cast iron). In addition to our normal and modified common items, our engineers will function with you to design and create customized solutions for numerous drive systems to suit your application requirements.

China Good quality CZPT Gft36t3 Planetary Gearbox     near me shop