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China factory CZPT Truck Parts Ht00253203 515r-1700910-07 Gearbox bevel gearbox

Product Description

1 release bearing assembly HT05719474  15R-1601910-01
2 gearbox HT05713203  515R-170571-07
3 bumper L571571118A0
4 left fender L05057171A0
5 right fender L050571313A0
6 Left front door welding assembly  
7 Right front door welding assembly  
8 Left exterior rearview mirror assembly L0821571048A0
9 Right outer rearview mirror assembly L0821571049A0
10 Left front door electric window lifter L0610140571A0
11 Right front door electric window lifter L0610140026A0
12 Steering gear with tie rod assembly FL034571119A0A1472
13 Steering reducer assembly L034571710A0
14 middle arm L0340265710A0
15 Left front door lock assembly (central lock) L0610150079A0
16 Right front door lock assembly (central lock) L0610150080A0
17 Left front combination lamp assembly L571571223A0
18 Right front combination lamp assembly L571571123A0
19 Left front fog lamp assembly L571571121A0
20 Right front fog lamp assembly L571571221A0
21 Left daytime running light assembly L57157112A0
22 Right daytime running light assembly L57157112A0
23 compressor FL57100000126Y571
24 Air conditioner tensioner LA0
25 Compressor belt 5PK840 L57100000123
26 condenser assembly FL57100000847W571
27 Left rear tail light assembly L0365571101A0
28 Right rear tail light assembly L0365571201A0
29 license plate light assembly L57157111A0
30 Left front scraper arm scraper assembly L0525571121A0
31 Right front scraper arm scraper assembly L0525571207A0
32 Front wiper motor and linkage assembly L0525571409A0
33 Washing jug assembly L0525571113A0
34 drive shaft assembly L571057171TAO
35 Radiator with electronic fan assembly L01300057115
36 heat sink L01300057128
37 electronic fan L01300057129
38 Expansion tank assembly L013571110A0

Pos Number of part Quantity Standard sepcification Designation
1 VG2600111137 1   Exhaust manifold (front)
2 VG2600111136 1   Exhaust manifold (rear)
3 VG2600111142 1   Heat insulation cover (front) 
4 VG2600111143 1   Heat insulation cover (rear)
5 VG1500110963 12   Heat-resistant bolt
6 VG260110162 4   Laminated sealing ring
7 VG1560110111 6   Gasket
8 VG2600111052 12   Bolt
9 VG1560115711 4   Hex head bolt
10 VG1560118229   Turbocharger
11 VG1560115710   Gasket
12 VG1092110571   Oil supply pipe
13 VG1560110152   Two bolt flange
14 VG609E110050   Gasket
15 190003862428  M8×25-8.8-ZN DIN912  Socket cap screw
16 VG188250083   Lockwasher
17 VG156057103   Oil return pipe
18 VG2600110048   Gasket
19 VG1460070014   Bolt
20   22/29-ZN N05074  Hose clamp
21 VG2600070071   Hose
22   12  Q45718 Washer

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After-sales Service: Online Support
Warranty: 6months
Type: Chassis
Certification: ISO14001
Driving System Parts: Suspension
Electrical System Parts: Lighting
US$ 3/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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How to Choose the Right Gearbox for Your Machinery

Selecting the appropriate gearbox for your machinery involves careful consideration of several key factors. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make the right choice:

  1. Identify Application Requirements: Understand the specific requirements of your machinery, including torque, speed, load, direction of rotation, and duty cycle.
  2. Choose Gear Type: Determine the type of gears that best suit your needs, such as spur, helical, bevel, planetary, or others, based on factors like efficiency, noise level, and space constraints.
  3. Calculate Gear Ratio: Calculate the required gear ratio to achieve the desired output speed and torque. Consider factors like input and output shaft speeds.
  4. Select Gear Material: Choose appropriate gear materials based on factors like durability, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Common materials include steel, cast iron, and various alloys.
  5. Consider Efficiency: Evaluate the gearbox’s efficiency and select one that meets your energy efficiency requirements.
  6. Account for Load Conditions: Analyze the load conditions, such as constant or intermittent loads, shock loads, and starting and stopping frequencies.
  7. Check Lubrication Requirements: Consider the lubrication needs of the gearbox and ensure proper lubrication for smooth operation and longevity.
  8. Factor in Space Constraints: Consider the available space for installing the gearbox and choose a size that fits within your machinery.
  9. Assess Environmental Conditions: Evaluate the operating environment, including temperature, humidity, and exposure to dust or corrosive substances.
  10. Review Mounting Options: Determine the mounting options that work best for your machinery, such as foot-mounted, flange-mounted, or shaft-mounted gearboxes.
  11. Consult with Experts: Seek advice from gearbox manufacturers or engineers to ensure you make an informed decision.

Choosing the right gearbox is crucial for achieving optimal machinery performance, longevity, and reliability.

China factory CZPT Truck Parts Ht00253203 515r-1700910-07 Gearbox   bevel gearbox	China factory CZPT Truck Parts Ht00253203 515r-1700910-07 Gearbox   bevel gearbox
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