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China Custom CZPT HCD600A Series Marine Main Propulsion Propeller Reduction Gearbox wholesaler

Solution Description

CZPT HCD600A series marine principal propulsion propeller reduction gearbox, with CZPT gearbox record as:

Product Max Electricity Enter
Speed Rang
Reduction Ration Fat Suited Engines
06 12.5&sol2100 a thousand-2100 2.52&sol3.05&sol3.fifty 58kg Yanmar TS130&solTS155 Hatz E786
16A 33&sol2000 one thousand-2000 two.07&sol2.48&sol2.ninety five&sol3.35&sol3.eighty three 84kg MWM D226-2, Hatz 3M31
MA100A 37&sol3000 1500-3000 one.6&sol2&sol2.55&sol3.11&sol3.fifty nine&sol3.88 seventy five Isuzu UM02AB1, CZPT ME125
MA125 82&sol3000 1500-3000 two.03&sol2.46&sol3.04&sol3.57&sol4.05
a hundred and fifteen Isuzu UM02AB1, CZPT ME125
MA142 102&sol2500 1500-3000 one.97&sol2.fifty two&sol3.03&sol3.54&sol3.95&sol4.5 a hundred and forty Cummins 4BTA3.9-M MWM D226-4
40A 82&sol2000 750-2000 2.07&sol2.ninety six&sol3.44 225 Yanmar ME400L, Baudouin 4D
MB170 132&sol2500 1000-2500 1.ninety seven&sol2.52&sol3.04&sol3.96&sol4.5&sol5.06
240 MWM D226-6, CZPT ME400L
HC65 163&sol2500 one thousand-2500 1.53&sol2.03&sol2.5&sol2.96 one hundred thirty 6BT5.9-M
120B   750-1800 two.03&sol2.eighty one&sol3.seventy three four hundred  
120C 340&sol2500 a thousand-2500 one.48&sol1.94&sol2.forty five&sol2.ninety six&sol3.35 225 Cummins NT855-M240, CAT 3208TA
MV100 408&sol3000 1500-3000 one.23&sol1.sixty two&sol2.07&sol2.fifty two&sol2.87 220 NT855-M240, MWM D234 V8
135A 272&sol2000 a thousand-2000 two.03&sol2.fifty nine&sol3.04&sol3.sixty two&sol4.eleven&sol4.sixty five
&sol5.06&sol5.47&sol5.eighty one
470 NT855-M240, CAT 3406
HCQ138 390&sol2600 one thousand-2600 1.03&sol1.5&sol2.03&sol2.48&sol2.95 two hundred NT855-M240, CAT 3406
HC138 375&sol2500 one thousand-2500 2&sol2.fifty two&sol3&sol3.57&sol4.05&sol4.45 360 6135Ca, NT855-M240
HCD138 375&sol2500 1000-2500 five.05&sol5.63&sol6.06&sol6.47 415 6135Ca, NT855-M240
HCA138 390&sol2600 1000-2600 one.095&sol1.28&sol1.5&sol2.03&sol2.fifty two&sol3 200 NT855-M240, MWM D234 V8
MB242 350&sol2500 a thousand-2500 three.04&sol3.fifty two&sol3.95&sol4.53&sol5.12
385 NT855-M240, CAT 3406
HC200 440&sol2200 a thousand-2200 one.forty eight&sol2&sol2.28 280 NT855-M240, CAT 3406TA
HC201 500&sol2500 a thousand-2500 two.46&sol2.955&sol3.526 350 6135ZLCa, CZPT NTA855-M400
MB270A 500&sol2500 1000-2500 four.05&sol4.fifty three&sol5.12&sol5.5&sol5.95&sol6.39&sol6.eighty two 675 NTA855-M400, CAT 3406TA
HCQ300 782&sol2300 1000-2300 one.05&sol1.46&sol2.05&sol2.38 350 KTA19-M600, 3412T, TBD234 V12
300 805&sol2300 1000-2300 two.04&sol2.54&sol3&sol3.fifty three&sol4.1&sol4.sixty one&sol4.94
&sol5.forty four
740 KTA19-M600, TBD234 V12
D300 805&sol2300 1000-2300 4&sol4.48&sol5.05&sol5.fifty two&sol5.9&sol6.fifty six&sol7.06
940 KTA19-M600, TBD234 V12
T300 759&sol2300 one thousand-2300 4.ninety five&sol6.03&sol6.65&sol7.04&sol7.54&sol8.02
&sol8.forty seven
1120 KTA19-M600, 3412T, TBD234 V12
T300&sol1 611&sol2300 1000-2300 8.ninety four&sol9.45 1120 KTA19-M600, 3412T
HCA300 850&sol2500 a thousand-2500 1.5&sol2&sol2.fifty seven&sol2.ninety five 370 KTA19-M600, 3412T, TBD234 V12
M300 850&sol2300 one thousand-2300 one.45&sol2&sol2.52&sol3.05&sol3.forty five&sol3.ninety four seven-hundred KTA19-M600, TBD234 V12
MD300 850&sol2300 1000-2300 three.ninety six&sol4.forty eight&sol4.ninety six&sol5.52&sol5.9 940 KTA19-M600, TBD234 V12
HCQ400 810&sol1800 a thousand-2300 1.5&sol2.04&sol2.5&sol3&sol3.forty two&sol3.seventy seven&sol4.06
1100 KT38-M800, TBD604BL6, 3412TA
HC400 810&sol1800 one thousand-2300 1.5&sol2.04&sol2.5&sol3&sol3.42&sol3.seventy seven&sol4.06
&sol4.61&sol4.ninety four
820 3412TA, TBD604BL6
HCD400A 810&sol1800 a thousand-1800 three.96&sol4.33&sol4.forty three&sol4.476&sol4.7&sol5&sol5.fifty three
1100 KT38-M800, TBD604BL6
HCT400A 945&sol2100 one thousand-2100 6.09&sol6.forty nine&sol6.ninety three&sol7.42&sol7.ninety five&sol8.4
&sol9&sol9.forty seven
1450 KT38-M800, 6BD604BL6
HCT400A&sol1 945&sol2100 a thousand-2100 eight.15&sol8.69&sol9.27&sol10.6&sol11.forty six&sol12 1500 KTA38-M800, 3412TA, TBD604BL6
HCQ501 1265&sol2300 a thousand-2300 1.03&sol1.46&sol2&sol2.45 560 KTA38-M940, 3508B, TBD234 V16
HCQ502 1265&sol2300 1000-2300 two.95 seven hundred KTA38-M940, 3508TA, TBD234 V16
HC600A 1365&sol2100 one thousand-2100 two&sol2.48&sol3&sol3.fifty eight&sol3.89 1300 KTA38-M1045, 3508B, TBD604B V8
HCD600A 1365&sol2100 a thousand-2100 4.eighteen&sol4.forty three&sol4.7&sol5&sol5.44&sol5.71 1550 KTA38-M1045, 3508B, TBD604B V8
HCT600A 1260&sol2100 1000-2100 six.06&sol6.forty nine&sol6.ninety seven&sol7.fifty one&sol8.04&sol8.66&sol9.35 1600 KTA38-M940, 3508TA, TBD234 V16
HCT600A&sol1 1260&sol2100 1000-2100 7.69&sol8.23&sol8.eighty two&sol9.forty seven&sol10.1&sol10.eight
&sol11.sixty five&sol12.fifty seven&sol14.forty four
1700 KTA38-M940, TBD234 V16
HCD800 1530&sol1800 1000-1800 3.429&sol3.96&sol4.391&sol4.905&sol5.474&sol5.889 1900 6190Z1CZ, CW6200, KTA38-M1
HCT800 1530&sol1800 800-1800 four.95&sol5.57&sol5.68&sol5.93&sol6.43&sol6.86
&sol7.33&sol7.eighty four
2000 KTA38-M
HCT800-one   800-1800 six.ninety one&sol7.28&sol7.sixty nine&sol8.12&sol8.6&sol9.12
&sol9.sixty eight&sol10.3&sol10.98&sol11.seventy six&sol12.forty three
HC900 1440&sol1600 600-1600 1.46&sol2.04&sol2.forty seven&sol3&sol3.6&sol4.08&sol4.63&sol4.ninety five 1600 12V190DC, M200
HCT1100 1841&sol1600 seven-hundred-1600 five.6&sol5.ninety eight&sol6.39&sol6.85&sol7.35&sol7.9 3000 CW6200
HC1200   600-1900 2.03&sol2.5&sol2.96&sol3.fifty five&sol3.79&sol4.05&sol4.2&sol4.forty seven 2000  
HC1250 1654&sol1800 400-1800 2.03&sol2.forty eight&sol3.04&sol3.forty eight&sol3.96 2200 CW8200ZC, 6210ZL, Z12V190
HC701 1286&sol2400 1200-2400 one.ninety three&sol2.fifty eight&sol2.9&sol3.26&sol3.91&sol4.6&sol5.17
2000 KTA38-M2

produced by 1 of the biggest gearbox producer in China, with technologies
launched from Bosch, Twindisc, Eaton, and many others.
Apart from gearbox, we primarily offer diesel&solpetrol engines and relevant spare elements, with brand names
like: Cummins, Deutz, CAT,Isuzu, VM, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Yuchai,
Weichai, Changchai, and so on, for a variety of programs, these kinds of as vehicle, bus, coach, van, truck,
bulldozer, forklift, excavator, road roller, wheel loader, hoister, generator, h2o pump,
fire pump, maritime main propulsion, marine auxiliary, and so on.

Gear reducers are also called reducers. Mechanical accessories, by possibly of these two names, are made to lessen the electrical power transferred between the motor and the machine amongst the rotational speeds (revolutions for every minute). The reducer efficiently decreases the rotational pace made by the motor, therefore managing the speed at which the equipment runs and increasing the torque created by the motor. Multiplying the torque produced by the motor increases the machine’s obtainable power – a procedure identified as “mechanical dominance”. In a larger context, gear reducers are essentially equipment utilized to increase the performance of tools procedure.
Gearboxes can be employed in a variety of fields of extensive processing, agriculture, chemical processing, oil and fuel, energy transmission and distribution methods, logistics, warehousing and other industries. Equipment reducers are usually used exactly where higher torque and/or reduced rotational speeds are essential, or if electrical power demands to be transmitted at alternating angles, this sort of as in right-angle motors. It can also modify the path of rotation, as nicely as clockwise and counterclockwise. EP provides a total variety of gear reducers with correct angle worms and substantial efficiency possibilities. Electrical Gear Aluminum goods are a light-weight and sturdy substitute to modern forged iron and metal models and can be stocked or personalized made to your specific requirements. EP gearboxes are light-weight and tough, aluminum worm gearboxes are designed for limited areas, which includes difficult-to-set up OEM types as effectively as mobile equipment. Eccentric reducers are offered as compact aluminum or solid iron inline reducers with seal daily life ratings from 15HP (aluminum) to 40HP (forged iron). In addition to our normal and modified normal goods, our engineers will work with you to style and develop personalized solutions for several travel systems to fit your software demands.

China Custom CZPT HCD600A Series Marine Main Propulsion Propeller Reduction Gearbox     wholesaler