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China Best Sales Customized Manufacturer CZPT DC Gear Motor Worm Planetary Gearbox with Good quality

Item Description

Silent secure and reputable for prolonged life procedure

Motor variety 63ZYT-one hundred twenty five-24
Protection quality IP50
Obligation cycle S1 (a hundred%)
Rated voltage 24 V
Rated present four.9  A
Enter energy 117.six W
No-load recent .four A
Rated torque .27 Nm
Rated pace 3300 ±10% rpm
Rated output power ninety three.three W
Friction torque two Ncm
performance 80%
Highest torque 1.3 ±10% Nm
Optimum current 23 A
No-load speed 3650 ±10% rpm
Maximum electricity 245 W
Highest shell temperature eighty five ºC
Bodyweight 1.7 Kg
Planetary gear box F1130
Safety quality IP65
Reduction ratio 710.5:one
Rated torque one hundred twenty Nm
Optimum torque one hundred eighty Nm
Ambient temperature -20 to 85 ºC
Grease Sensible Smart top 28
Grease temperature assortment -20 to 160 ºC

Gearboxes are mechanical units that assist travel programs keep the best possible velocity and torque for purposes. Also acknowledged as gearboxes and gear drives, they reduce the rotational velocity of the enter shaft by a particular proportion and increase the power sent to the output shaft by the exact same proportion. Ratio multipliers enhance the deceleration and torque provided by the reducer by a particular ratio and are ideal for parallel installations. Mounting bases, torque arms and flange couplings are add-ons utilized with the reducer. They are normally employed in apps in which the reducer is not immediately related to the drive mechanism.
Planetary gearboxes are utilized in various situations where large effectiveness and higher reduction ratio are essential in a small place. That includes higher precision and large torque-to-quantity ratio, it is perfect for torque enhance, deceleration, exact positioning and handle of regenerative equipment. To make certain that the selected planetary gearbox is the ideal in shape for your software, it is important to take into account parameters this sort of as torque, backlash and equipment ratios when picking a planetary gearbox.

China Best Sales Customized Manufacturer CZPT DC Gear Motor Worm Planetary Gearbox     with Good quality