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China Standard Manual Transmission Gearbox for CZPT Hilux Pickup 2WD 2rz components of gearbox

Product Description

Product Description

Car Model: 

Toyota Hilux pickup 4*2 1RZ  33030-0W380 33030-0L571

Material: Cast iron, aluminum
Package Neutral packing

Our Product:
1, We can supply almost all spare parts suitable for Chinese cars such as JAC, FAW, BYD, DFM, Geely, Chery, Chana, Lifan, Zotye, Great Wall, Hafei, Xihu (West Lake) Dis., Changhe, Gonow and Japanese cars Suzuki.

2, the manual gearbox is fixed by aluminum-alloy case and cast iron intermediate plate for a lightweight structure with big torque and low noise operation.

3, All gears adopted optimum designed spindly teeth and precision shot peen gear faces and roots to decrease noise of and increase carrying capacity.


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Our Market:
Our products are good sold in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East and Europe, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand,  Brazil, Ecuador,  Mexico,  Chile, Peru, Panama,  Colombia , Cuba, USA, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Russia,  Iraq , Kazakhstan, Italy and etc

we are the professional trading company located in China with the most efficient exporting process. we have deep cooperated with hundreds of factories around China. The products we provide can match your different demands. choose us, we can establish a CHINAMFG business cooperation relationship with each other.


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Warranty: 1 Year
Type: Gearbox
Material: Aluminum
Certification: ISO
Automatic: Manual
Standard: Standard


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Is it Better to Repair or Replace a Damaged Gearbox?

Deciding whether to repair or replace a damaged gearbox depends on several factors and considerations:

  • Extent of Damage: Assess the severity of the gearbox damage. Minor issues like worn bearings or seals may be repairable, while extensive damage may necessitate a replacement.
  • Cost of Repair: Compare the cost of repairing the gearbox to the cost of replacing it with a new or remanufactured unit. In some cases, repairs might be more cost-effective.
  • Availability of Parts: Availability of replacement parts for the gearbox can influence the repair option. If parts are hard to find, replacement might be a more viable choice.
  • Age and Condition: Consider the age and overall condition of the vehicle. If the vehicle is older and nearing the end of its lifespan, a replacement gearbox might offer better long-term reliability.
  • Performance and Efficiency: A new or remanufactured gearbox might offer improved performance and efficiency compared to a repaired one.
  • Future Maintenance: Evaluate potential future maintenance needs of both repair and replacement options. A replacement gearbox might come with a warranty and require less frequent maintenance.
  • Professional Assessment: Seek advice from a qualified mechanic or technician who can thoroughly assess the gearbox and provide recommendations based on expertise.

Ultimately, the decision to repair or replace a damaged gearbox should be based on a careful evaluation of these factors. It’s recommended to consult with professionals to make an informed choice that best suits your specific situation and budget.

China Standard Manual Transmission Gearbox for CZPT Hilux Pickup 2WD 2rz   components of gearbox	China Standard Manual Transmission Gearbox for CZPT Hilux Pickup 2WD 2rz   components of gearbox
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