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China Good quality Shf-H-17 Robot Machinery Harmonic Gearbox with Free Design Custom

Product Description

SHF-H-seventeen Robotic Equipment Harmonic Gearbox


The theory of equipment transmission

The harmonic equipment transmission is invented by the American inventor C.W.Musser in 1955. It is a new variety of transmission method which makes use of versatile functioning components to shift into movement or electricity by elastic deformation. It breaks by means of the method of mechanical transmission with rigid ingredient mechanism and employs a flexible element to recognize mechanical transmission. Thus, a series of particular capabilities which are difficult to accomplish by other transmission are received. Since the deformation method of the intermediate adaptable member is essentially a symmetrical harmonic, it is named. In addition to the previous Soviet Union called this variety of transmission waveform transmission or flexible wheel transmission, the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and other countries are named “harmonic push”.


The composition of the equipment transmission

Rigid wheel: rigid internal equipment, typically 2 enamel far more than adaptable wheel, normally fixed on the chassis.

Flexible cup: slim cup type steel elastic element with outer equipment on the outer ring, which is deformed with the rotation of the wave CZPT and is typically connected with the output shaft.

Wave generator: consisting of an elliptic cam and a flexible bearing, usually related to the input shaft. The inner ring of the adaptable bearing is fixed on the cam, and the outer ring can be elastically formed into ellipse via the ball.


The principle of equipment transmission deceleration

The theory of the harmonic gear deceleration is the relative motion of the adaptable wheel, the rigid wheel and the wave generator, which is largely the adaptable deformation of the versatile wheel to recognize the motion and the transmission of the electrical power. The oval cam in the wave CZPT rotates in the adaptable wheel to make the flexible wheel deform, and the versatile wheel gear and the rigid wheel gear at equally ends of the shaft of the oval cam shaft of the wave generator. The adaptable wheel tooth at both finishes of the short shaft are taken out from the gear teeth at the finishes of the limited axis. The tooth in between the lengthy axis and the brief axis of the wave CZPT are situated in the diverse sections of the 2 circumference of the versatile wheel and the steel wheel in the meshing state, which is known as meshing. In the point out of gradual withdrawal from meshing and semi-meshing, it is known as meshing out. When the wave CZPT is continuously rotated, the flexible wheel produces the deformation continually, making the 2 wheels rodent, meshing, meshing and disengaging 4 types of movement to alter their unique orking point out and produce the incorrect tooth motion, and understand the motion transmission of the lively wave CZPT to the versatile wheel.

We are experienced transmission sellers and supply a wide assortment of transmissions, an vital portion of a lot of generate systems. Gearboxes can be used to reduce or enhance velocity, boost torque, reverse or adjust the route of a generate shaft. Gearboxes are also known as equipment drives, velocity reducers, equipment motors, speed reducers and gear reducers.
These compact, lightweight, minimal backlash inline gear reducers ended up originally made for encoder applications. They are also appropriate for several other push techniques. Encoder equipment reducers have a really low minute of inertia at the shaft enter and are rated for input speeds up to 3000 rpm. Two body dimensions are available with equipment ratios from 4.ninety six:1 to 3600:1. Our encoder gearbox sync pads are accessible from inventory.

China Good quality Shf-H-17 Robot Machinery Harmonic Gearbox     with Free Design Custom